3 December 2022
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Welcome to the website of futuretext.nl. On this site, you will find information about our services, which support businesses and individuals in their international communication. We specialize in translations and proofreading.


We have over 20 years experience in translating a variety of different texts, from scientific to medical, and from marketing to technical.

We help make sure that your international communication is clear and professional. Thanks to our extensive network, we are able to provide our services in a wide range of language combinations.


Many people are able to express themselves adequately in a foreign language, but benefit from an editor who makes sure that the end result is professional.

We look at style, grammar, spelling and vocabulary.

quick, accurate and competitively priced

Deadlines are sacred to us. We are quick and accurate, and competitively priced. But we just said that.

"We are ugly, but we have the music." - Leonard Cohen